Hello everyone!

My name is Lexi DeFalco, and I have the absolute honor of serving as this year’s Panhellenic President. Joining my Panhellenic sorority here at NC State has impacted me in more ways than I ever believed possible. The Panhellenic Association, which serves as the largest student organization for women on campus, consists of 10 National Panhellenic Sororities and 1 Associate Member Chapter. Each of these chapters is composed of a unique set of women who are engaged in our community and who strive to leave NC State better than they found it. The uniqueness of each of these chapters is something that I truly love as it emphasizes individuality and maximizes the opportunity for all women to find a chapter, and a community, where they feel wholly loved, included, and accepted.

Panhellenic has provided me with countless leadership opportunities, a large group of women who make me feel confident and empowered, and a network of resources, alumni, and sisters. Joining this organization was by far my favorite decision of my college career, yet it was once an opportunity I did not consider to be a possibility for my life. When I first entered college, I felt overwhelmed; the amount of change was intense and I struggled to find my “fit” and my friend group. I registered for Panhellenic recruitment because I wanted to be a part of a community. I wanted a place that I could call home and truly mean it. I’m so thankful that my hopes for being part of a community came true.

As I reflect on my college sorority experience thus far, I can say with unfaltering confidence and complete honesty that my sorority has made me better.  Because of my chapter and the Panhellenic community as a whole, I am a better woman, a better leader, and a better friend. I am a better student as I study with my sisters in Hunt library. I am a better mentor as I encourage new members to pursue their full potential. I am undoubtedly a better Lexi.

So whether you are an incoming freshman or a woman still searching for her place on campus, I highly encourage you to participate in this year’s formal recruitment process. Reach out to a current or former sorority member, check out the social media pages and websites of our sororities, and look for more information on our Panhellenic page. I can’t wait to see how your own story unfolds in this incredible community!

With all my love,

Lexi DeFalco

Panhellenic President