Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional sorority for women in engineering and technical science majors founded in 1983 that promotes friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the organization, the community, and our professions.

Colors: Royal Blue, White and Silver
Flower: White Rose
Founded: November 13, 1983 at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Gamma Chapter Philanthropy: Dress for Success
Mascot: Dolphin


Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional engineering sorority that promotes a set of Ideals and Objectives that we hope will further the advancement of female engineers and scientists in our fields of study. While doing so, we also encourage our Sisters to develop bonds of lifelong friendship with each other and others in the community. Alpha Omega Epsilon strives for high scholarship and academic achievement. The Sorority pursues relationships with other Greek organizations, helps discover a wide variety of extracurricular activities and leadership roles, and aids in networking with engineers in the industry. Our core values include leadership, individuality, professionalism, volunteering, responsibility, and friendship. Here at NC State, we are the Gamma Chapter, meaning we were the third chapter to ever be started!