Hear What Parents Have To Say About Panhellenic!

A few moms recount their experiences with Panhellenic and explain how they believe it has made an impact on their daughter’s!


Casey and Dashelle

"I was a Chi Omega so with my daughter being in the same sorority, we are able to share traditions and similar ideals. We are not only mother and daughter but sisters now too. Before Casey joined her Panhellenic sorority, I felt that Greek life developed fellowship, confidence, and excellent educational opportunities for students. It helps them to become more involved in the campus and create lifelong friendships. I have seen this in Casey. I believe joining Panhellenic has helped my daughter become a stronger leader. I can see how her eyes are open to more opportunities and the excitement she has had by getting more involved in Greek life has made me proud. She went from being a general member of her chapter to now the Panhellenic Director of Recruitment. I am thrilled for her because her passion for Greek life and desire to lead is inspiring. I am so proud of her being a part of something she believes in and I think that the roles she has taken in Greek life have allowed her to bring her passion, organization, and leadership skills to a role that she is absolutely suited for."

Sarah and Mary

"Sarah always knew she wanted to be part of a sorority and KKG was the perfect fit for her! She loves the leadership roles she’s had, the friendships she’s made, and the experiences of being a sister. Sarah has embraced the sorority culture and it has enhanced her college experience at NC State by making memories, networking with other sisters in the Panhellenic community, and contributing to something bigger than herself. Kappa’s influence on Sarah has been rich and fulfilling and will continue to play an important role in her life."


Brady and Mary

"I like that Brady is in a sorority because she has a group of girls that she can rely on and makes a large university feel like a small one. It's been great to watch her follow her own path in Chi Omega that is different from my path as an Alpha Phi but also enjoy the similarities of our journey as a sister in a sorority."

Shannon and Sydney

"I was excited for the opportunities my daughter would have if she joined a sorority period! Sisterhood is an experience all on it's own that give you better insight into your values and your faith. It helps shape the way you want your life to be when life after college begins."